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Christmas Tree @ Webster Museum - December 2016


Chat & Charity Donation Hats -
November 2015

In November a group of 8 super speedy elves made 87 hats in just 2 hours! December's group was even faster... 4 elves mades 60+ hats. We were happy to be able to warm up so many heads this winter.


Winner of the 2015 Ugly Fabric Challenge:

Rosemary Grandusky



Consortium Meeting - March 18, 2015


Christmas Tree @ Webster Museum - December 2013


Christmas Luncheon - December 2012


Christmas Tree @ Webster Museum - December 2012


January Evening Meeting
4 Patch 4 Comfort 4 Hope


Table Decorations - December 2011


Barn Sign Tour - November 2011


November Evening Meeting
A Happy Parade of Hats!


Laure - Mill Creek Pool Club Kids Party 2011

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